Hi, I’m Luci!

I am an avid reader, novice writer, enthusiastic baker, and cutthroat gamer.

I love vintage!  Secondhand shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I enjoy using some of my finds for unique upcycle/repurpose projects.

Other interests include brewing excellent coffee, absorbing myself in fantasy, board games with my loved ones, and not to be cliché, long walks through the outdoors.

Why the inkling endeavor?

Inkling = a fanciful notion

Endeavor = a difficult journey

I have an inkling – a wisp of an idea for a story. I started this blog not only as a place to share my hobbies and interests, but also as a means to improve my writing skills.  One day I hope to share my little story with the world.  Until then, I hope my “inklings” here can provide any kindred spirits out there with inspiration and amusement.