Thrifting Haul!

Armed with $40 for two days, I attended two church fundraiser sales and two subdivision sales.  I thought I would share my haul since I personally LOVE seeing what other people find.  It’s one thing to show a single item that is cool, but seeing what can be found in one day or one place at a time really puts things in  perspective.

Day 1 – Church Sale

This one was entirely too crowded, but I expected it to be from previous experience.  This fun charger plate caught my eye immediately and I thought, “Huh, that looks like that brand I see sometimes and like.”  Forgive the eloquence of my early morning thought process, but “that brand” is Mackenzie-Childs.  I love the Mad Hatter vibe going on here and it goes so well with the Vicki Carroll demitasse set I found at a Salvation Army years ago (top left).


I also managed to bump around enough to find these sweet little Oneida ice cream bowls with matching spoons stuck in a box lot under a table.

$2 for whole box

Day 2 – Two Subdivision Sales and One Church Sale

The next morning, the first house in the first subdivision sale was a real treat.  There were lots of cool vintage items!  I wish I had taken pictures.  My sister got a vintage Siamese cat miniature planter and a set of ornate wooden napkin rings.

A few houses later we both really scored.  I found my favorite item of the weekend:  this darling little teapot.

Obviously, it is the cutest teapot in the entire world.  Sorry haters!  It has a chip that has been repaired, but you have to expect some imperfections with age, eh?

Apparently the maker is James Sadler and I found so many little beauties by this company around the Internet.

I also purchased this dainty southern belle pin:

$3 for both

My sister found an old copy of Black Beauty with gorgeous cover art, but my favorite find of hers was a delicate glass perfume bottle with gilded details and a dropper topped with a bronze leaf.  It was stunning!  I will add a picture if I can remember to get one from her.

At another house, my last find of the day was a copy of Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales.  It has a ’90’s publication date and is in almost perfect condition.  I am stoked about having a complete collection since this one has been on my reading list for awhile now.


Sis found a makeup bag and some new guitar strings after that, but we didn’t have much luck overall at the church sale or the other subdivision sale.

Since I haven’t done any hunting in months, it felt good to be back out in the field.  Finding all this for only $9 was the icing on the cake.

<3 Luci

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