Oreo Cupcakes

Someone stop me.  I find about three new recipes every single day that I seriously want to try.  I started a binder of these recipes.  And it’s a big binder.  And it’s 90% sweets.

Not the best idea for a dieter who has currently “plateaued.”  These lovelies are for a bake sale though, so it’s for a good cause (#pedestal).  Also, it’s Valentine’s Day.

I have a bucket of “excuses to bake” tucked away under my desk here.

So here we have delightful Oreo cupcakes.  I don’t really buy cookies because *duh* I love to bake and I also like to control what goes into my food.  However, Oreos and Girl Scout cookies will always be the exception.

This whole endeavor began as the quest for the perfect “Oreo bottom” cupcake.  I did a lot of “recipe recruitment,” searching for a recipe that had vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, and an Oreo cookie on the bottom.  It was surprisingly difficult to find one that met all these criteria!  I thought vanilla cake would allow the chocolate Oreo to shine more and that a vanilla buttercream would best compliment the Oreo’s creamy middle.  However, so many recipes had chocolate cake and either cream cheese or Oreo frosting.

I finally decided on a recipe from Fresh April Flours.  Lynn’s vanilla bean cupcakes were my last cupcakes to bake and they were a major success, so it was a happy coincidence that I found myself on one of her recipes again.

I did a test run over the weekend following the recipe as written for standard size cupcakes (using regular size Oreos), but I did a lot of tweaking for my second batch.  Despite it being the draw that initially called me to this project, I found I didn’t care so much for the Oreo bottom – it just didn’t get soft enough for me!  I did use a whole cookie though and I notice that many recipes call for half a cookie, so maybe that would have worked better.

For the second batch I used cream instead of milk, sifted the powdered sugar and flour, nixed the Oreo bottom, increased the amount of Oreos in the cake, dusted with crushed Oreos, and garnished with half of a cookie (a whole is too top-heavy).  I was very pleased with the end result, although I only tasted half of one.

If you are interested in making these, I would check out here, here, and here.

I enjoy sharing my cooking experiences on this blog and would love to one day share my own printables and such, but I won’t do that until I have thoroughly tested, perfected, and made a recipe my own.  So for now, for anyone who stumbles across my little space on the Internet, I hope I can at least point you in a good direction 🙂

TTFN, <3 Luci

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