Christmas Crackle

xmas-crack-4It is good to be back!  I have been unable to write for a while, but I’m happy to say I have turned a new page in life and that things are looking up.  What better time than Christmas and New Year’s for rebirth and new beginnings too?

But enough with the sentiments eh?  Let’s have a snack . . . .

This tasty treat goes by many different monikers – Crack Candy, Christmas Crack, Crackle Candy – to name only a few.  The “crack” part has several meanings – you make it with crackers, you crack it into pieces, and it is seriously addictive!

Someone stop me because my pants can’t stretch much more. . . .xmas-crack-3This is an effortless, crowd-pleasing finger food that is great for parties, get-togethers, and giftable food presents.  It is quick and highly customizable so you can easily make it your own.  Salty, sweet, chocolatey, snackable, and scrumptiously toffeey. . . toffee-ey. . . toffee. . .?  Mmm. . . .

The version I chose comes from The Pioneer Woman.  You can find the recipe here, but honestly I think they are all pretty similar.

I chose to use sweet graham crackers since I would have a salty cashew topping, but you do your thing!  Festive Christmas sprinkles, candies, nuts . . . I wonder if crushed peppermint would be any good?

xmas-crackMerry Christmas and happy kitchen adventures from The Inkling Endeavor!

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